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Axle of the Universe

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 96 inches (Triptych)


As the physical body has a brain, spinal cord with nerve pairs forming plexuses at the cervical,

dorsal, lumber, sacral and coccygeal regions, so the astral body has an astral brain of a

thousand rays (petaled lotus), an astral spine with subtle centres of light and energy and an

astral nervous system whose myriad luminous channels are called nadis.

In the astral nervous system channels flow the life-force or Pranas in five differentiated for



The main astral spine of light is the sushmana, which is the Axle of the universe in the human

body. It has within it two luminous spines (or astral nadis)- on left, ida; on right, pingla. These

two constitute astral sympathetic nervous system- which, in turn controls the corresponding

sympathetic nervous system of the gross body.

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