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Unity with Cosmic Consciousness

Oil on canvas

48 x 60 inches


In meditation, energy vibrates in the spinal column and there is an upward movement and

rise of pure consciousness. The consciousness reaches the medulla and the spiritual eye at

the point between the eyebrows one finds the doorway into the Star-Lotus of “a thousand”

(innumerable) rays.

This reservoir of life and consciousness with its thousand petals or rays of currents enliven the

whole body through the subdynamos of the 7 spiritual ce


ntres in the spine and brain.

Here one is able to unite oneself with Cosmic Consciousness. One perceives the omnipresent

light spreading over the sphere of eternity, and his body as a miniscule emanation of this light.

Here joys are pure and inexhaustible.

When you reach this goal there is no language to explain that transcendent experience.

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