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Lifetrons (Prana - Shakti)

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 48 inches


The Universal Prana is the Para-Shakti (pure nature),

is the inborn energy or force which is infused in all the

atoms and sustains the cosmos.

Life force is a mixture of consciousness and electrons

and can be called as “Lifetrons”. Prana Shakti or life-force

pervades the whole body. The life force in the sperm and

ovum cell, come together and develop as an embryo and

ultimately into a full grown human being.


This creative life force energy enters into the physical body through

the medulla and descends through seven subtle centres

or chakras in the spine and brain. The nerves are the main

pathways of life force (Prana) in the body.

The human physical body is directly created and sustained

by the Prana-Shakti or life-force. Inhalation and exhalation

go on largely involuntarily throughout one’s life till PranaShakti leaves the body.

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