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Passage of Life (Brahmandra)

Acrylic on canvas

72 x 120 inches


In search of Truth, did I go back and forth

Wandered through Mountains

bathed in rivers sacred, with the pious

Whichever way the blind pointed

with hope and zest me travelled

Every which way I smelled the scent

but round and round is all I went

Wasted lives to know the one who is not

but the feverish pitch of seeking would cease not

What does it take to fathom the ocean

even fish or whale is clueless of the ocean

It is only the salt th


at can be ocean

a Salt Doll I became, just a plunge made me the ocean. -


That is in me and I am in That.

It is that 'One Truth" the wise call by many names

that disperse the Radiance of Cosmic Consciousness.

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