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Cosmic Prakriti or Five Great Primordial Elements-I

Acrylic on canvas

60 x 84 inches


Vedanta suggests the concept of Maya- That which is not, yet appears to be. Maya has its two powers- a) The Veiling Powerthat veils the Truth and b) The Projecting Power- that projects the entire world of names and forms. Maya has three qualities- Sattvaguna-knowledge, Rajogunaactivity, Tamoguna- inertia.

Maya first created the Five Great Primordial Elements (Cosmic Prakriti)-Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth and their combination constitut


es the entire phenomena of nature.

The material cause is never different from the created object. So, Maya the material cause of the five elements and its three qualities pervades the entire creation and its permutation and combination.

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