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Cosmic Ocean (Sheer-Sagar)

Acrylic on canvas

48 x 84 inches


After the “big-bang”, there appeared these particles of matter and antimatter that pulled away by force

of magnetism, as they both had a positive-charged end and a negative charged end. The negative

attracts the positive, while a similar charge repels the other. This results in a continuous attractionrepulsion ethereal dance between matter and antimatter particles.


The Vedas refer to the electromagnetic field force as the ‘Cosmic Ocean (Sheer-Sagar).’ Our spiritual

masters have labeled “the life energy” as Purusha-Male (positive) and “the matter” as Prakriti-Female


If we think of energy as the white radiance, then matter is represented by the rainbow colours which

reflect the real nature of its beams.

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