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From the footsteps of Sadhguru to the footprint of Adiguru

Acrylic on canvas

44 x 72 inches


As the scabbard carriesthe sword but is always different from the sword and doesn’t affect it in anyway. Similarly, the

Self is covered by five sheaths. These are-

1.Food Sheath (Annamaya Kosa-our body which is the accumulation of the food),

2. Vital Air Sheath (Pranamaya Kosa- which controls the five main physiological functions of the body called Pranas),

3.Mental Sheath (Manomaya Kosa- the mind and the five organs of perception-eyes,


ears, nose, skin, tongue),

4. Intellectual Sheath (Vijnanamaya Kosa- the intellect and the five organs of perception)

5. Bliss Sheath (Anandamayah Kosa- It is of the nature of ignorance of the world & the Self, yet endowed with the

bliss of the Self).

The functioning of these sheaths proves the presence of the Self. But they form the covering which conceals the jewel

of the Self in its folds. Through continuous discrimination one must walk the path from the footsteps of Sadhguru to the

footprint of Adiguru beyond the five sheaths to realise the Self.

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