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Pooja Iranna

A well-known name among the artist fraternity. Born to the famous artist parents - Shobha and Rameshwar Broota in 1969. Pooja says, "While my mother works from the heart in creating abstractions, I use my mind for my mixed-media constructions." Her first choice was to study architecture (this influence is evident in her work), she eventually succeeded in creating her own style while pursuing her art. One notices a creative progression in her works over the years. Through Pooja`s works, we are taught that man-made structures and the environ reveal a great deal about ourselves and the relationships we are engaged with. Her works reflect emotions that make people feel and most of them are based on childhood memories and longings, and are exceedingly well planned and intricately detailed.

Having acclamation of several awards, her works are part of several collections national and international.

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